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Decor e Bartar Curtain Gallery 2020 Dec 12

What we need to know about classic curtains

If the windows are the eyes of an interior space, the curtains will be the eyebrows of this space, which are certainly more important because, like the face, they frame and shape the space. Many interior designers, from Manhattan’s Jeffrey Bilhuber to Milan’s Studio Peregalli, see a windowless window as an unfinished window.

Choosing the style of curtains to create visual harmony is a specialized and very effective thing.

In this article, we will study the classic curtain style.

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Luxury classic curtains in interior decoration are one of the common choices of interior decoration designers. Modernity, with all its power and innovative approach, has never been able to defeat classical design. Many designers, consider the classical style as a manifestation of originality.

When it comes to classic style curtains, concepts such as "conservatism" and "dryness" come to mind, but this is not the truth. The design and execution of the classic curtain gives any interior space a cozy, complete and at the same time luxurious and ceremonial appearance.

پرده کلاسیک

One of the features of classic curtains is the classic designs and patterns on fabrics, stripes and monograms. Accessories used in classic curtains are also the main elements of this style of curtains.

In choosing a classic curtain fabric (including luxurious velvet, light silk, etc.), the texture and color of the fabric should be perfectly in line with the overall style of the interior space. In the classic curtain style, special attention should be paid to accessories such as studs, kohl, fittings, rails, etc. Note that the effect of decorative elements on the classic curtain is like the effect of spices on the flavor of food. These elements in the classic curtain help to complete, elegance and more luxurious this style of curtain and are directly related to this style of curtain.

پرده کلاسیک

Classic curtains in addition of receptions, living rooms and bedrooms, is very suitable for the office will continue.

Classic curtains with luxurious designs and appropriate colors, thanks to their exquisite beauty, in addition to showing the richness of the interior, show the self-respect of the landlord. Keep in mind that the classic curtain style is also a symbol of dignity and beauty.

In choosing a classic curtain fabric, influential factors such as ceiling height, window width and interior color theme should never be ignored. For example, in small apartments, fabric and simple nets make the classic curtain look more attractive, while in larger spaces, can be maneuvered on more designs.

Considering the direction of light radiation is also very important in choosing a classic curtain fabric. For sunny windows, thicker fabrics help adjust the light. Conversely, for windows that do not face the sun, for the ideal classic curtain, transparent or glossy light fabrics are used, which make the space visually lighter by reflecting light back into the interior.

Classic style never goes out of style. This style is always recommended to create a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere for residential or office interiors.

In this article, we have reviewed the classic curtain style and we hope to give assistance to you to increase a little bit the level of your awareness about the classic curtain.

We in the Decor e Bartar Curtain Gallery are always looking to create eye-catching works for you because we believe: Your eyes deserve to see the most beautiful.

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پرده کلاسیک
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